“I Want You to Soar”

Ok, so this crazy thing occurred...I actually had this blog about 80% done earlier today, but tonight, well now this morning, I completely erased the work I had done and am choosing to rewrite. It sounds horrible I know but bear with me. Initially, the title was, "2019...thank you, next" which is a phenomenal connection... Continue Reading →

Joshua 1:9

My goodness if I could sum up in words what the days have been like since coming back from Colorado I would say: Insane, Beautiful, Stressful, Intense, Overwhelming, Surprising, Scary, Confusing, Wonderful, BUCKEYES, oh yeah! and God-filled. To start off, (since I didn't start with him first above) God moved in insane ways for the... Continue Reading →

You Came

Hey GUYS!!!!!  Wow I know you missed me so much...the end of summer was stressful, emotional, exciting, no exhilarating is a better word, but basically I decided to use all that as an excuse to not write any end of the summer posts...UNTIL NOW! OK, so first off, below is the song that I dubbed... Continue Reading →

“Disobedience is Foolish”

Ok first off so sorry for the week off I began writing this blog and quickly realized my heart was not ready to really write about it!  I did not want to chat about what I am learning about obedience without actually obeying God in those things. OK!  So first off I know my parent... Continue Reading →

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