Who is Isaiah Gray?

Hometown: Liberty Township Ohio

Nowtown: Granby Colorado (for the summer)

Soon to be town: Columbus Ohio, S Campus (appt with 4 other men…stories sure to come)

Attending college at THE Ohio State University (majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences)

Oldest of 7 kids…yes it was insane and I fully blame my parents for my love of kids and desire for a large family

Joined the Ohio Army National Guard on Dec. 19, 2014, currently an CPL in an artillery unit.

Favorite verse right now is Psalm 56:8

In terms of what posts you should expect to see…trust me, I have no clue yet either.  I want to document my life and this is where I plan to do it.  A lot of my posts will connect somehow to the ways God is working in my life here at Ohio State, and anywhere else he plans to take me…so 🙂 follow me, and stay tuned for my crazy life.

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