Who is Isaiah Gray?

Hometown: Liberty Township Ohio

Nowtown: Columbus Ohio, S Campus (appt with 4 other men…stories sure to come)

Attending college at THE Ohio State University (majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences)

Oldest of 7 kids…yes it was insane and I fully blame my parents for my love of kids and desire for a large family

Joined the Ohio Army National Guard on Dec. 19, 2014, currently a SGT in an artillery unit.

Favorite verse right now is: Isaiah 40:31

In terms of what posts you should expect to see…trust me, I have no clue yet either.  I want to document my life and this is where I plan to do it.  A lot of my posts will connect to the ways God is working in my life here at Ohio State, and anywhere else he plans to take me…so 🙂 follow me, and stay tuned for my crazy life. My hope is you can find joy, hope, and even strength from reading the ways the Lord is moving in my life.

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