“I Want You to Soar”

Ok, so this crazy thing occurred...I actually had this blog about 80% done earlier today, but tonight, well now this morning, I completely erased the work I had done and am choosing to rewrite. It sounds horrible I know but bear with me. Initially, the title was, "2019...thank you, next" which is a phenomenal connection... Continue Reading →

…A leader of soldiers

Wow what a month. For the most part training was way more relaxed than I expected. Day by day we would have our first formation at 0550, do a quick workout which really wasn't a workout (it's called Physical Readiness Training (PRT) and is a very minimal exercise plan for sustainment and minor strength growth).... Continue Reading →

Joshua 1:9

My goodness if I could sum up in words what the days have been like since coming back from Colorado I would say: Insane, Beautiful, Stressful, Intense, Overwhelming, Surprising, Scary, Confusing, Wonderful, BUCKEYES, oh yeah! and God-filled. To start off, (since I didn't start with him first above) God moved in insane ways for the... Continue Reading →

You Came

Hey GUYS!!!!!  Wow I know you missed me so much...the end of summer was stressful, emotional, exciting, no exhilarating is a better word, but basically I decided to use all that as an excuse to not write any end of the summer posts...UNTIL NOW! OK, so first off, below is the song that I dubbed... Continue Reading →

“Disobedience is Foolish”

Ok first off so sorry for the week off I began writing this blog and quickly realized my heart was not ready to really write about it!  I did not want to chat about what I am learning about obedience without actually obeying God in those things. OK!  So first off I know my parent... Continue Reading →

“Joyful Memories”

Joyful Memories   Parenting is chalk full of hardships and adventures.  And who better to talk about parenting than a 19-year-old, childless, college student.  For real though, it’s about time adults my age began processing these topics before life as an adult, and perhaps future parent smacks us in the face. Just this past spring... Continue Reading →

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