Remembering I Have a Blog (and my biases in my new major)

Warning: adult-ish content below


Wow ok so this perhaps is gonna make people laugh…but I genuinely forgot that I had a blog!  (not really, but that’s a good excuse for not writing one)

Some updates in my life so far:

  • Working on becoming a small group leader for my church team on campus
  • Will be playing guitar in our church’s band next semester
  • About to spend 11.5 weeks in the mountains of Colorado
  • I am currently competitively, yet recreationally, playing inner tube water polo and indoor soccer
    The Butter Nuggets

    Notice the “home of champions” sign (that is for us, not the 29-time championship winning synchronized swimmers)

  • And…I am becoming increasingly aware of the ways my new major is currently and will continue to challenge my values and morals as a Christian


Case in point- human sexuality class (which I wisely chose to take in-person instead of online).  Contrary to what you may be thinking, the class was mostly women, so myself and the other five guys in the class were seriously outnumbered. Here are some of the more interesting things we got to talk about-

  • Tampon demonstrations
  • Questions about socks and their purpose (this was perhaps the most uncomfortable moment to date for the men in this class…her question was phrased “can you men tell us women, who may not understand, what purpose a sock may have?”
    • REALLY??  The women did not understand?
  • Open discussions about sex positions and sex toys
  • Sexual fluidity and the increase in homosexuality and other sexual orientations
  • Learning about intersex (never knew what this was)
    • For those that may not know this is when your chromosomes do not match up with your genitalia

This is just a small list but clearly, things were far from your normal, comfortable, and common classroom.  However, this classroom is one of the most inviting and exciting classes I have, shocker I know.  Anita Parker is literally OSU famous as being one of the greatest HDFS professors (at least among my fellow HDFSers).

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.21.10 PM.pngYes she did stick a pad on the board, yes it left a sticky residue, and yes some acidic substance was needed to remove it (I believe orange was used but I do not recall).  Ok so human sexuality course…definitely challenging my values as a Christian, but also allowing me to be more comfortable and open discussing these topics.

In terms of being a challenge, my adolescence and emerging adulthood class has topped the list in recent days.  Earlier in the week, I was asked to respond to this video Girls Chase Boys.  I had to take a deep breath because I knew my initial reactions were not politically correct.  So I paused and tried rewatching the video, but still ended up feeling extremely uncomfortable.  Then this beautiful thing happened- I had a moment of clarity and understanding.  I thought of this video Robin Thicke-Blurred Lines, and open my mind to a new perspective; How do women feel when watching the vast amount of videos like this?  I came to realize that what I felt was normal and that it’s not rare for someone to feel uncomfortable when the other members of their sex are paraded around like objects for someone else to “chase” (and consequently capture?)  So while this was probably a more challenging moment for me, it ended up being a very rewarding experience (as most turn out to be).

I was rescued by my mother today from another incident.  This time the challenge targeted my faith specifically.  My history of art professor said something like along the lines of, “This is not the whole Qur’an text that is displayed on the walls, I just handpicked the things that are most important.”  Things wrong with this statement:

  • Why is she deciding what is most important?
  • Why are we not just reading the whole thing?
  • Why are the only things she picked targeting the Christian trinity?

My mom responded to my multi-page text about this incident with this-

Oh my word!!!  Guess what I’m studying in my Bible study this very instant?  II Thess. 2:3: let no one deceive you in any way.  Everywhere we turn, people are working hard to misrepresent everything.”

That said, I am not going to go on a warpath against my professor who promotes Islam over Christianity, but I simply acknowledged our different bias and moved on from there with a better understanding of yet another perspective for my moral backpack.

The bottom line is that biases are not bad, or wrong to have.  Everyone has them, and everyone is influenced in their day to day life by their biases.  Challenging your biases is one of the greatest ways to grow your understanding of others, their perspective, and their values.  This will allow your worldview to become broader and more accepting of the people around you.







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